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SCYON Orhopaedics AG is ISO 13485:2016 certified and strives to provide both costumers and patients with superior orthopaedic and trauma solutions.

Swiss Engineering

All our implants are developed to preserve the biology and restore proper biomechanical function.


We are a Swiss CTI Certified Startup performing cutting edge research and development in the medical device industry.

Meet the team

Slobodan Tepic

Slobodan Tepic, Ph.D

stephen bresina

Stephen Bresina, Ph.D

Jack Kendall

Jack Kendall

Product Manager / Engineer
Thomas Hug

Thomas Hug, Ph.D

Director of Regulatory Affairs


Total Hip Replacement

SCYON THR implements cutting edge and proven solutions for the three major failure mechanisms associated with hip replacement. Stem Fixation with Locking Screws The SCYON THR stem achieves permanent anchorage through bony ongrowth form the Read more…

Point Contact Locking Plate

SCYON’s Point Contact Locking Plate (PCLP) system was developed to provide trauma surgeons with the most advanced, yet affordable plating system to reliably treat patients with the best post-operative outcome. The current sizing is intended Read more…

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