Total Hip Replacement

SCYON THR implements cutting edge and proven solutions for the three major failure mechanisms associated with hip replacement.

SCYON THR system fixated at the medial cortex using a rough blasted surface for a micro-interlock.

Stem Fixation with Locking Screws

The SCYON THR stem achieves permanent anchorage through bony ongrowth form the medial cortex. This results in near-physiological loading of the proximal femur, i.e. absence of stress shielding.

The incidence of aseptic loosening is greatly reduced compared with conventional THR systems.

Compliant Shell for Bone Ingrowth

The perforated, hydraulically open, highly compliant, double-shelled titanium backing provides for rapid and consistent integration of the cup into the acetabulum.

Wear Reducing Geometry of Cup Liner

UHMWPE cup liner articulating surface geometry significantly reduces the polyethylene wear and thus the risk of bone lysis mediated aseptic loosening.

SCYON instrumentation and implant design reduce, if not eliminate, pressure increases in the intramedulary canal that could result in pulmonary fat embolism.

Categories: Orthopaedics